Working with a Coach

    Hiring a Coach is one of the best things you can do for yourself. A coach is trained to help you discover what your best life looks like and help you get it!

    1. Help you to focus. We all have lots of ideas all the time - a coach will help you to put your energy where it will serve you best to accomplish your goals.

    2. Feel better about yourself. Taking time for you, finding what it is that truly fills you and gives you confidence - empowers you! We call this claiming your Personal Power.

    3. Clarify what you want from life. How about instead of wandering around without a clue, and living life by default, you actually take action and do something. Anytime you do ANYTHING different it creates a shift - you will be creating a new pattern and new ways of doing things that will in turn attract even more good passion and joy to your life!

    4. Provide accountability. Knowing that you've made a commitment to yourself and told someone else makes you more likely to stay on task. It's much easier to let yourself off the hook, but somehow knowing that you said you would do something to someone else makes it easier to follow through - AND you have that support at the end!

    5. Become more authentic. As you make internal changes the world begins to see you differently. You will be amazed that by changing your attitude the world's attitude seems to change too and you attract things to you that are more in harmony with your authenticity.

    6. Decide what matters most. There is nothing like getting rid of things that are draining you, like taking control of your finances, your house, your life.

    7. Create a support network. Working with a coach gives you incredible support. Knowing that you've got someone behind you 100% goes a long way in helping you to take healthy risks and move forward.

    8. Get fit, lose weight, improve your performance Whatever the desire or goal a coach can help you to create a strategic plan that will work for you. Part of having a great life is being all you can be inside and out. Once you take control of what's fueling you (a calling, purpose and passions) it's easier to take on the activities needed to achieve that goal.

    9. Create Boundaries. Working with a coach can help you to see what you say yes to because you want to, and what you can let go of. A coach can help you find the cure for the disease to please.

    10. Create Balance. Humans need to find a balance of mind, body and spirit. A coach is there to help you find that in your life. We cannot be our best selves if we are stressed, overwhelmed and unhappy. A coach will help you to take charge and create your best life. Coaching is a deep meaningful conversation with a confidant that has no opinion, biasness nor judgment about you. It is action-oriented and results oriented with gentle probing, and sometimes painfully honest accountability helping remove the resistance and obstacles getting between you and your desired outcome.