Mission and Values


At ICF NFL, our mission is to lead the advancement of the coaching profession in North Florida.  Our vision is to be the leading network in North Florida of professional coaches sought out to unleash human potential, fostering thriving communities and partnerships.

We are a diverse community of coaches that nurtures our professional growth as individuals through networking and education while increasing the awareness and impact of the coaching profession in our community.


As members of ICF NFL, a chartered chapter of the International Coach Federation (ICF), we:

  1. Model Coaching - Model the art and science of coaching as we exemplify a positive, uplifting, supportive, and non-judgmental attitude.
  2. Build Community - Build community that nurtures the growth and development of coaches through sharing of information, expertise and experience.
  3. Inspire Passion - Allow the passion we have in coaching to be reflected in how we live our lives and to inspire others in living their passion.
  4. Engage In Learning - Engage in continuous learning that optimizes professional coaching skills.

Through professional and social events, community outreach and workshops we're all about succeeding together - in our businesses, in our coaching and with our clients.  

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