Mission and Values

    OUR VISION: To lead the advancement of the coaching profession in North Florida.

    OUR MISSION: Coaching is an integral part of a thriving society and every ICF Member and Affiliate represents the highest quality of professional coaching.

     OUR VALUES:  As members and affiliates of the ICF North Florida Chapter we believe and practice:

    • Community: We are a community of coaches which fosters comaraderie, collaboration and opportunities for development to make a collective impact on the world.
    • Excellence: We set and demonstrate standards of excellence for professional coaching, including ethics, qualifications, skills and competence.
    • Learning and Growth: We engage in continuous learning and growth to benefit our members, the coaching profession, and the North Florida community.
    • Supportive: We exemplify a positive, welcoming, uplifting, and non-judgmental environment to bring out the greater potential for our members, the coaching profession and the North Florida community.
    • Having Fun!


    Through professional and social events, community outreach and workshops we're all about succeeding together - in our businesses, in our coaching and with our clients.  

    Interested in checking us out?  Come to our next meeting.