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President's Corner

Greeting Coaching Colleagues:

Welcome to the fourth quarter of 2018. As the heat of Summer wanes, and we feel the subtle wisps of Fall in the air, I reflect upon that which our community has shared and achieved thus far this year as well as a strong focus upon the renewed commitment to finish the year strongly for our chapter’s continual development.

We have accomplished many firsts this year. As Diane Liewehr stepped out of the president role and into immediate past president in February and I took the helm as president, we did so with a measure of uncertainty for our chapter’s direction and sustainability.  Multiple leadership spots were unfilled, including vice president, and much fundamental process design and development work was still left to complete. After experiencing the diverse global tapestry of coaches at the Global Leaders Forum in Vancouver in March, Patty Miller came back with a greater appreciation and understanding of the wonder of our collective global community bond. An understanding of which only the GLF experience can inspire. Shortly thereafter, Patty was appointed vice president. We added Jennifer Connell as communications chair and Violet Bloom as membership co-chair. Our team began to feel solid and much more sustainable. During late spring our leadership team worked together on an appreciative inquiry team development activity, which was an experience bonding us and strengthening our vision for what is possible. We began to envision a place where ICF coaches and affiliates could gather, feeling the safety to take important risks, grow personally and professionally, and knowing that we all continuously have each other’s back. It has been transformative for our leadership team. From my perspective, it was a turning point wherein we truly became more inviting and attractive to our legacy coaches, newer coaches and prospective coaches. Our community has grown into a vibrant village wherein coaches feel safe and supported as they do the important work of partnering with clients, and those clients in turn feel confident to take risks, accept new challenges and grow. The ripple effect has been enacted. It was icing on the cake, during summer when the IRS letter came accepting our nonprofit status application.  This was a welcomed and critical win for our chapter.

Looking forward to quarter four, we aspire to continue to refine a community that is inviting and supportive of our members. We want to continue to attract different types of coaches, expanding our diversity while continuing an atmosphere of inclusivity. We look to expand our reach more consistently throughout the North Florida community beyond Jacksonville. We want every member and affiliate to feel welcome to join us and to share their talents and perspectives. Together we are so much more than any of us can be individually. During the fourth quarter, we will continue to drive membership and member engagement. We will craft our strategic plan for 2019-2021, as our previous strategic plan concludes at year’s end. Soon it will be time to reassess and we will be looking for your contributions and insights for shaping our continued growth and direction.

I invite you to join us and hope you have a productive and fulfilling fourth quarter. We will set our intention to take the time to give thanks and celebrate together as our year comes to an end. We are grateful you have chosen ICF North Florida as your coaching association! We are thrilled to have your involvement as our community continues to grow and evolve.

Happy Fall!

Terry Hoffmann, MA, PCC, BCC

President- Board of Directors

 ICF North Florida

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Welcome New Members

Welcome to our newest members of ICF North Florida! We're glad you are a part of our thriving community.

  • Nancy Lysandrou
  • Who will be next...a friend, a coworker, a colleague?!

Help us welcome even more new members. They will thank YOU!

Bring a Coach Friend Open House Event
  • FREE registration for all guests
  • FREE ICF swag for each member who brings a guest to the event
  • FREE ICF swag for each guest who attends
  • Each member and each guest who attend will be entered into a raffle for one of two $35 restaurant gift cards
  • CLICK HERE to Learn More!
Fall Membership Drive
October 1 to December 31, 2018
  • Each member who refers a prospect who joins our chapter by December 31 will receive a Starbucks gift card.


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Coach Spotlight

Meet Lynn Elliott! 

Lynn, why did you become a coach?                                                     

spent much of my career supporting leaders on their own professional development journeys.  I did a great deal of training and thought of myself as a coach, too.  When I left the corporate world to partner with a colleague in her consulting business, I wanted to formalize my coaching credentials.  It was during my coach training program that I realized how little I actually knew about coaching, and how interesting and robust the field actually was.  I loved the education, the skill development, and working with my fellow students.  It led to personal and professional growth for me.  I love the connection with clients, how their experiences are entirely unique, and that coaching conversations are always fresh and full of possibilities.    

Tell us about your coaching business:                                                       

Iwork with healthcare leaders – physicians, nursing leaders and administrative executives.  My partner and I are typically hired by large hospitals and healthcare systems to help with cultural change – sometimes when there is a problem or conflict, but even more often, when there are opportunities to grow and prepare leaders for bigger and better challenges.  Our coaching clients find us through this work and other client referrals.  A few clients have found us through the ICF Global directory.  My 1:1 coaching usually includes gathering 360° feedback, identifying leadership goals, and co-creating a plan to accomplish those goals.

Lynn, what do you enjoy most about ICF North Florida and ICF Global?

The people in our local North Florida chapter are wonderful.  I joined when I was new to Jacksonville and meeting them was like gaining an instant team of colleagues.   The coaches at ICF have been fun and welcoming, and they work in diverse and interesting fields of influence.  I get a lot out of every event.  Being involved as the programming co-chair has also created opportunities to grow – like learning how to navigate our website!

What’s your favorite tip for someone in or contemplating getting into the coaching profession?                                                                             

Like any good coach…ask a lot of questions!  If you are looking at coach training, find out what other coaches say about programs they attended.  Chapter events are excellent opportunities to connect with others and learn more.

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Monthly ICF North Florida Chapter Sponsored Events

Mark Your Calendar for These Enriching Events!

SPECIAL EVENT!  Empowering out  Future Business Leaders FSCJ Speaker Series: October 11...Click link for info        

Chapter Mtgs:  October 25, November 15
Wine Down Wednesday: November 7
Holiday Gathering: December 13--location TBA

Monthly Chapter Meeting: October 25, 2018  Click Here to Register    

Topic: Whtiney Hess, PCC, will show you how to apply the effective tools she has developed in her profitable coaching business to start or scale your own.

Plus, October 25 is Bring a Coach Friend Open House Event....

  • FREE registration for all guests
  • FREE ICF swag for each member who brings a guest to the event
  • FREE ICF swag for each guest who attends
  • Each member and each guest who attend will be entered into a raffle for one of two $35 restaurant gift cards
  • CLICK HERE to Learn More!




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Unique Events for YOU!

An important reminder from Lynn Elliott, CPC, ACC...                             

Refresh your ethics and earn 3 CCE Units!

As a certified coach, I inform clients of my coaching credentials and the professional conduct they can expect of me, including adherence to the code of ethics developed by the International Coach Federation. 

The ICF Ethics Code provides guidance on what is expected regarding professional conduct, how to handle confidentiality questions, what conflicts of interest look like, and even guidelines in support of ongoing professional development.  It’s useful to review and refresh this knowledge, to be prepared if and when a challenge or question arises.  In fact, if you are renewing your credentials, you must demonstrate completion of at least three CCE units in the area of coaching ethics.

ICF also has an Ethics Hotline to field questions and an Ethics Community of Practice, comprised of coaches who stay current on best practices, trends and issues.

To ensure members have clear information about professional ethics in coaching, the ICF has an online CCE course with supplemental materials, to address questions and direct you to resources. 

Complete the ICF online course work by following these steps:

  1. Click this link to watch a 30 minute video online
  2. Read the article, “Do You Give Your Clients Advice?”
    3.  Review the ICF ethics code
    4. Take the online quiz
    5.  Upon completion, you’ll receive three (3) ethics CCE units from ICF as well at three (3) core competency credits.



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Current Board & Committee Members

Our ICF North Florida leadership team is diverse in talents and committed to serving our community. We look forward to meeting you at one of our events!  Read more about our Board and Committee Members

Board of Directors   Committee Chairs  
President Terry Hoffmann Programming Lynn Elliott and Sharon Qualls
Vice President Patty Miller Membership

Violet Bloom and Elizabeth Reed



Treasurer/Secretary Isabel Graf Communications Jennifer Connell
Director of Strategic Planning and Alliances Deirde O'Grady    
Immediate Past President Diane Liewher    

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